Roundtable on the role of educational institutions for SFS today!

11 października 2022

Green REV Institute invites you to a round table meeting organized by the Future Food 4 Climate coalition. The discussion will be devoted to a sustainable food system in educational institutions.

The current food system contributes to the generation of water, air and soil pollution, is a source of progressive deforestation on a global scale, consumes excessive amounts of natural resources, is the source of the global problem of food waste, and at the same time deepens the health crisis. The legal provisions currently operating in the EU deal with the issue of sustainability at various levels. However, there is a lack of consistency and complexity in the approach. This results in discrepancies, and even gaps, which often aggravate existing problems and contribute to the emergence of new ones. At the same time, they often increase the disparity in the advancement of actions towards a sustainable food system in individual Member States.

The current legal framework shows a sectoral approach. There is therefore no instrument that can play a coordinating role for a sustainable European food system.

During the meeting, we will talk about what a sustainable food system is and what are the biggest obstacles to translating it into schools and kindergartens. We will also ask about the provisions that should be included in the Sustainable Food System Law developed by the end of 2023 by the European Commission. We will also discuss the role of local governments in the transformation of the food system.

The round table will be attended by Barbara Wojtaszek Sylwia Kowalska, Elżbieta Lemańska-Błażowska, Grzegorz Święch, Małgorzata Tobis, and Robert Lisiewicz.

The event will be translated into Polish sign language. The roundtable broadcast will take place on the Green REV Institute profile on Tuesday, 11.10 at 18:00.