The last day for sending questionnaires on the EU program „Milk at School”!

14 października 2022

Until October 14, 2022, non-governmental organizations, parents and guardians / guardians (children and adolescents aged 2-19), teaching staff, representatives and representatives of science, the scientific community, business, decision-makers can take part in the survey on the Milk Program in School and the Vegetables and Fruits at School Program (tools of the Common Agricultural Policy). Links to the European Commission surveys for the next groups are provided below:

  • Parents and guardians, carers of children and adolescents from 2 to 19 years old)
  • Teachers
  • Decision makers and national authorities, representatives of the scientific community, representatives of civil society, authorities and institutions running educational institutions
  • Staff of EU institutions, bodies and agencies of EU members, members of EU representative bodies (MEPs, CoR members, EESC), associations, networks and lobbying organizations at EU level participating in the EU political dialogue, officials government and government officials of the Member States responsible for the coordination of EU affairs in relation to the Program

Today, the European Union allocates around € 220 million a year to the Vegetables and Fruit Scheme (€ 130 million) and the Milk at School Scheme (€ 90 million). Poland uses these funds in the scope of both programs – in 2022/2023 it is as much as EUR 12 million for the Vegetables and Fruit Program and as much as EUR 10 million under the Milk at School Program. Despite being aware of the environmental, climate, ethical, health and social consequences, European policymakers and policymakers are on the side of business as usual.

This is the last day to complete this important survey.

Photo: Unsplash