We appeal regarding public procurement in Warsaw

28 października 2022
In the capital city of Warsaw, on October 18, 2022, an announcement regarding the conduct of the procedure related to the award of a public contract with the number ZP / AB / 271 / II-137/22 under the name "Provision of services catering for the needs of the City Hall ".

As the local branch of the Youth Climate Strike aptly emphasizes, along with the Green REV Institute and the Future Food 4 Climate coalition: hereinafter referred to as: SWZ) catering services in the vast majority contain animal products (meat) and products of animal origin. Commodities such as milk, cheese, eggs, cold cuts, pork loins and fish are predominant. All that was included were 'meatless dishes', with the vegetable dishes completely omitted.'

The entire appeal is available at the Future Food 4 Climate Library. We encourage you to read the position and join the activities of the Future Food 4 Climate coalition for a sustainable food system.

Photo: Unsplash