Green Media is an independent media outlet covering European politics. It covers the most important political and social topics


OKO.Press is a fact-checking and investigative journalism portal, social media and social life archive

Zielony Podcast

Krzysztof Rzyman's Green Podcast is a series of meetings with people concerned with climate change, renewable energy and animal rights

Zielone Wiadomości

Zielone Wiadomości leads the debate on marginalised topics that are rarely or biasedly covered: ecology, human rights, animal rights

Zielona Interia

Zielona Interia - Key events and trends in ecology. Green edition of focusing on environmental protection, climate change


Zielona Gazeta is a section of's website addressing climate change issues. Editor-in-Chief Patryk Strzałkowski hosts the weekly programme Fridays for Climate

Wyborcza Na Zielono

Wyborcza na zielono is an offshoot of one of Poland's largest dailies. It publishes content on less waste and sets of good ecological practices from Polish cities

Świat OZE

Świat OZE is a website focusing on renewable energy sources. It publishes information on energy, but also a range of information on animal rights

Śląska Opinia

Śląska Opinia is a civic medium that, in addition to climate, covers culture, social topics, religion, history and politics

Dziennikarz dla klimatu

Szymon Bujalski, Dziennikarz dla klimatu, is a freelance columnist who focuses on the topics of climate change, environmental protection, and plant-based diets

Paulina Górska

Paulina Górska is a blogger focusing on less and zero waste and promoting sustainable and conscious consumption

Krytyka Polityczna

Krytyka Polityczna is a news service working for social change. In addition to its reporting activities, it also conducts socio-cultural day centres, research and educational activities


Klimat.rp is a section of the daily newspaper Rzeczpospolita. It publishes materials on plant-based diets, the energy transition and social change


Info.vege is a search service for shops, services, hotels and companies offering vegetarian and vegan products is a youth information and journalism editorial board. The texts it publishes on equality, education and the climate are mainly written by young activists

Green News

Green News is an online portal with the most important 'Green' news from around the world. It focuses on systemic measures touching also on individual

Ważne nieważne. Podcast Dariusza Gzyry

Ważne nieważne is an authoritative podcast prepared for Krytyka Polityczna by Dariusz Gzyra, philosopher, publicist, lecturer, social activist and author

Gazeta Kongresy

Gazeta Kongresy is a youth media with a national reach. We are close to the issues that are important to the young generation


Ekowyborca is a team of people who influence decision-makers on environmental and climate change issues on a daily basis

Daniel Petryczkiewicz

Daniel Petryczkiewicz is a photographer and activist. He publishes in Pismo magazine and frequently addresses climate change and environmental issues on his social media

Chrońmy klimat

Chrońmy klimat is an information service that addresses climate protection issues from the economic and legislative side. It publishes content about the current work of the European institutions


SmogLab was created to change the world for the better. That's why they try to intervene when possible, and show perspective and issues that escape the so-called mainstream media

Magazyn Istota

Istota works to raise awareness of the plight of animals and nature, promote an ecological lifestyle and a vege diet

Podcast "Wegaństwo"

Podcast on veganism hosted by Adrian Sosnowski