Elections for Animals 2023

26 września 2023

Green REV Institute, Eurogroup for Animals, Open Cages, Albert Schweitzer Foundation, Compassion in World Farming Poland have joined forces and created a website They ask election committees, parties, candidates about key legal changes, political programs and demands for non-human animals in the context of the food system, the welfare of farmed animals, fur farms….Poland is a leader in animal […]

Climate education – Conference in Warsaw

23 września 2023

Today we are at the Education Pentagon conference of the #NotTooYoung foundation, a partner of Future Food 4 Climate. Morgan Janowicz will be speaking about climate education as a foundation for systemic change, raising awareness and building climate justice.The #NotTooYoung Foundation promotes the creation of opportunities for young people without age discrimination, develops intergenerational dialogue, and creates space for building community […]

Radio Rebel – talking about our plates

22 września 2023

Anna Spurek, COO of Green REV Institute was a guest of Editor Anna Gryta on Radio Rebeliant’s program. The topic was the transformation of the food system, the consequences of policy makers’ inaction on legislation for agricultural recovery, and the future of food. The conversation, which lasted more than an hour, covers food quality, building a system without harming […]

EVS 2023 – the last day !

21 września 2023

Today from 16:00 we cordially invite you online – at and on the Green REV Institute fanpage to attend the last day of the European Vegan Summit 2023. We will meet with Anita Krajnc, global leader of the Plant Based Treaty campaign, talk about building cooperation and partnerships in a debate led by Dr. Miłka Stępień. At 4 PM (4 PM CEST) we begin with a meeting […]

Farmed animals & plant based sector – EVS 2023

20 września 2023

Today, from 4 pm CEST, we cordially invite you online – at and on the Green REV Institute’s fanpage (facebook) to participate in the next day of the European Vegan Summit. Today, a conversation with expert speakers on the future of the plant-based sector of the successors to dairy, eggs and meat, as well as the biggest advocacy successes and failures for farmed animals. What […]

European Vegan Summit 2023 – START!

19 września 2023

Today we invite you to the first day of the European Vegan Summit 2023 ! You can watch on the website praz on the fanpage Green REV Institute!More than 40 expert speakers, 9 debates and discussions, meanwhile also two movies – Vegan Warsaw and The Vegan Business Talks! When the European Commission decides to delay the green transition and […]

REV x Green, Just Europe

17 września 2023

A coalition of 5 European organizations has published a landmark document entitled „Plant-Powered Politics: Europe’s Shift Towards a Plant-Based System.” The report analyzes the Plant-Based Transformation of the food system for Europe and outlines a range of policies to support this transformation. Behind the NGO coalition is the Citizens’ Movement for a Plant-Based Transformation of the Food System, which works to repair […]

REV at the Freedom Games

16 września 2023

On September 16 (Saturday) 15:30 we invite you to a debate with Morgan Janowicz. The welfare of so-called farmed animals will be discussed by Karolina Chodkowska, Morgan Janowicz, Karolina Kuszlewicz and Aleksandra Ozimek. The discussion will be moderated by Magdalena Galkiewicz, a candidate for the Sejm from the Civic Coalition list, vegan and Dziewuchy Dziewuchom activist.Morgan Yanovich: ” The welfare of farmed animals is […]

We the activists

15 września 2023

Activism, local action, fighting for the betterment of local communities and education and advocacy efforts were discussed by those participating in the Green Advocacy Academy: Nothing About Us Without Us project. On September 7, 2023, the first online meeting was held, kicking off a series of workshops and events for young people, implemented with the support of the Embassy […]

European Commission – STOP for green transformation

14 września 2023

September 13, 2023. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen delivered the #SOTEU (State of the European Union) address at the European Parliament. This is a key speech showing the directions and priorities of the European Commission for the next few months. Unfortunately, in the speech we did not hear about the transformation of the food system, legislation for […]