Akcja Demokracja works to engage people to build a better, fairer society using new technologies

Compassion in World Farming Poland works towards a world where farm animals are treated with compassion and where industrial farming does not exist

ProVeg Polska works to raise awareness of nutrition, transforming the global food system by replacing animal products with plant-based and cell-based alternatives

Roślinna Strona works to educate, raise awareness of animal rights, conversion to plant-based diets and veganism

Parents for Future PL is a part of the international climate movement Parents for Future. Works for systemic change and against climate catastrophe

Aquila Foundation works to protect the environment, wildlife and biodiversity. Founded in 2015, in Wrocław

Chlorofil Foundation works on non-formal education in ecology and sustainable development for children, young people and adults. Founded in 2011

Impuls Foundation works to provide knowledge and tools for the younger generation to support projects and fight for a better future

Klub Myśli Ekologicznej carries out environmental protection activities aimed at increasing ecological knowledge and awareness and changing attitudes towards environmental protection

MARE Foundation is the only non-profit organisation that carries out activities focused exclusively on the protection of marine ecosystems, particularly the Baltic Sea ecosystem

Ne_Ni Foundation works to build responsible and informed citizenship. By activating, it strengthens the courage and diversity of those building community

Lex Nova Foundation for the Legal Protection of Animals works to uphold and strengthen national animal rights legislation

Rzecz Społeczna Foundation is active in supporting grassroots initiatives and groups of residents who want to act for the benefit of their surroundings

Szkatułka Foundation runs educational programmes for children and young people. It works for the benefit of animals and environmental protection

Instytut Przeciwdziałania Wykluczeniom works against exclusion, marginalisation and stigmatisation. The Institute's mission is to create social change for an open civil society

Open Dialogues International Foundation works to build and develop dialogue between different sectors of society on climate for collective action

Polska dla Zwierząt works for animals and environmental protection, co-organizes marches, actions and protests, encourages support for petitions, promotes veganism

Społeczna Straż Ochrony Zieleni Szczecina is an informal group of activists working since 2018 to change the city's policy in relation to nature

Protest Porszewice Association works for the preservation of the Porszewice Wilderness. A grassroots social initiative for the protection of the natural environment and nature

Nasz Bóbr Association works on behalf of wildlife. It helps to resolve conflict situations when humans and animals meet on the same line

The Association carries out educational, cultural and charitable activities for gender equality, respect for human rights and dignity, and in particular for the prevention of violence against women

MOST Association carries out watchdog, scientific, security educational and information activities

Przyjaciele Kubusia Association works to educate the public and change the perception of non-human animals as products. Animal sanctuary

Wiosna bez Barier Association works for the rights of people with disabilities and the development of a democratic civil society. Founded in 2019

Jestem na pTAK! works for the protection of wildlife. It believes that effective protection of biodiversity is only possible with the active participation of the public

Klimatyczny Kopernik works with activism to change public awareness, build participation for environmental and climate action

Centrum Edukacji Baza Foundation works on education, raising awareness of competence and qualification development

Pudełko Lilki is a campaign that works to help animals. It was launched in 2017

Rething Foundation works to reduce the negative impact of human activity on the environment and to repair the damage caused

The UNCG is working to strengthen the efforts of the scientific community to protect biodiversity and support a network of protected areas in Ukraine

Ekowyborca is a team of individuals working to protect the environment, the climate and animals

Kraków dla Mieszkańców Association works for the good of Krakow and its residents. It fights for a green, safe, well-designed and well-connected city

Związek Stowarzyszeń Kongres Ruchów Miejskich is an association of 50 urban movements. It works for a good urban life, for a green, democratically managed and just city

Pomeranian Association Aktywni Lokalnie works for local development, activation and integration of local communities, promotion and support of social and civil participation, sustainable development and climate protection

Foodsharing Poland works to prevent food waste and build a sense of responsibility in this area

Foodsharing Poland works to prevent food waste and build a sense of responsibility in this area

Zwierzęta Niczyje Foundation works for the benefit of animals by providing intervention, treatment, rescue and finding new homes for the animals in its care

Off School Foundation works to support young people in making informed career choices and equipping them with the necessary social competencies

Azyl dla Świń "Chrumkowo" works to raise awareness that pigs are living beings who feel and want to live. Home for 79 pigs

Podróże z Pazurem works to raise awareness of environmental devastation - the price of hyper consumerism and meat production

Flora works to protect rights by creating an environment that is safe for people

Azyl Świnki Lily works to raise awareness that non-human animals are sentient beings

Przestrzeń do życia Foundation works to create optimal living conditions for all living beings

Happy Paw Foundation has been working to help homeless animals in Ukraine since 2012

ECO EDU kids works to change everyday habits to more ecological ones, shows children nature

Istota works to raise awareness of the plight of animals and nature, promote an ecological lifestyle and a vege diet

Green Teenager works to spread awareness of climate change, ecology and global issues, and to raise awareness of green lifestyle changes

Krzysztof Rzyman's Green Podcast is a series of meetings with people concerned with climate change, renewable energy and animal rights

The CultureLab Foundation creates a socially responsible community of kindergartens, companies and institutions supporting smart education for children. It operates on a macro level, introducing changes to the general education system for the youngest children, and on a micro level, running numerous workshops for children in Warsaw and other Polish cities

Głos Pokolenia is a youth-led editorial that provides a space for expression, for any young artist/creator, with a view to the value they bring to public opinion

Earth Day Everyday works to raise environmental awareness among the society. The initiative educates about environmental issues and engages local communities in environmental activities

Stowarzyszenie Równość promotes equality ideas among the local community by organising events and social media campaigns

Miastozdziczenie is an initiative that brings people together to popularise individual and systemic actions to restore biodiversity in the urban environment. The initiative supports building a relationship between humans and nature on an equal footing

NO PAIN IN YOUR BRAIN works to spread access to psychological care and mental health education

Fridays for Future is a climate movement working for climate protection and human rights

Przełom Collective works for an equal, green, open, democratic Poland that cares about workers' rights

First Step is a group that educates about the Sustainable Development Goals in particular on responsible consumption and production

Szkolna Młodzieżowa Rada Klimatyczna is a group of young people from the Walerian Łukasiński High School No. 1 in Dąbrowa Górnicza. They educate about climate change and its prevention. They show that young people have a voice and can change the world and organise various environmental events

Fundacja Perspektywa carries out cultural, educational, social and environmental activities. It brings people together, promotes tolerance and understanding. The foundation organises workshops, meetings, trainings, concerts, exhibitions, film screenings and many other events

Śląski Ruch Klimatyczny is a non-hierarchical, regionally based network of activist individuals. The movement works to oppose the inaction and denialism of local authorities on the climate crisis

Stop Stereotypom Association works to defend labour and civil rights, minorities, people in difficult life situations, the elderly and minors, environmental and nature conservation, victims of sexual violence, victims of domestic violence and gender equality

Mudita Association provides multidimensional support to parents and relatives of people with disabilities. It implements outreach and educational programmes based on social networking and exchange, in the spirit of sustainability and respect for the environment

Fundacja Zielone Światło works for the development of democracy and civil society, promotes the idea of equal opportunities and equal status of citizens, promotes freedom of opinion, supports science, promotes the free flow of information, supports culture and the arts

Bieganizm works to communicate the values and benefits of plant-based cuisine, motivates people to practice sport and live in harmony with nature

Fashion Revolution Poland works to bring increasingly responsible practices to the fashion industry, taking into account the realities, problems and needs of Polish society and the Polish fashion industry

Oficyna 21 Foundation is primarily active in publishing. It promotes literature and scholarly works that take up new themes in humanities research, especially works that grow out of the idea of non-anthropocentric humanities

VegeVouge is a project created by young people that works to show the real side of the current food system, how animals are treated. The project promotes a plant-based diet

Wawel Food Co-operative works to spread awareness of local, fresh and organic food

"RUCH zaNIEdbani" works to raise awareness of animal rights, student rights and the rights of people with disabilities

The International Biocyclic Vegan Network is a network of associations, individuals, companies and institutions involved in agriculture, processing, trade and science, as well as organisations whose mission is to promote animal rights and vegan lifestyles

DalEKOwzroczne works and educates for environmental protection and ecology. The aim is to raise awareness among people of all age groups. The tools to fulfil this endeavour are social networking or engaging local communities through a series of different events.

"Plant Your Home" is an innovative project designed to show young people, and through them whole families, an activity they might not have thought of - growing their own vegetables

The social project ,,Świadomi prawa” works on spreading knowledge about the law among young people and on building legal awareness and showing the practical application of the knowledge gained in everyday life

Wygadajmy Przyszłość works against age-based social exclusion. Experts and activists in the topics of climate, environment, animal rights and human rights including LGBTQI+ rights are invited to the podcast

Lokalni Liderzy initiative works to counteract the passivity of young people. The objectives are to support youth projects on a Warsaw-wide scale, to provide the knowledge needed to develop a variety of social projects, and also general knowledge about social activism

Misja Rozwój works to motivate young people to undertake non-profit activities, broaden their passions and horizons, discover and improve their skills and raise their self-esteem

#niezamłodzi Foundation works to create opportunities for young people without age discrimination, to build spaces to talk about and present their realised social projects and to develop intergenerational dialogue

Szczera Sfera is an educational project addressing the topic of eating disorders and people's complex relationship with food. It is a space for reliable information and open dialogue to lead to a deeper understanding of the physical and psychological experiences of people struggling with eating disorders

Kaczuchy Dziennikarskie Foundation is an initiative of young people who have stood up for the truth in an age of increasingly widespread disinformation. The project's task is to challenge any manipulation and expose false messages that have sunk into the public consciousness

'WORLDmates' is a social project working to combat the problems of excess plastic waste in the environment. The initiative shows how to reduce the amount of plastic in everyday life, contributing to improving the ecological state of the Earth

Compost with Us works to raise public awareness of the benefits of composting and to increase the popularity of home composters

BoMiasto works to collect best practices, provoke discussion about them, and try to put these ideas into practice

Wegeteka is a collection of various materials on veganism in Polish that can be shared in the form of QR codes. A useful tool for pro-animal activists

Lambda Poland Foundation - conducts activities for trans and queer people, offers psychological and crisis support throughout Poland for LGBT+ people and their relatives - stationary or online

invECO aims to spread environmental awareness among young people. It educates and involves the community in pro-environmental activities

GrowSpace Foundation carries out mental health, education system support and human rights work. The Foundation is the operator of projects such as the Ranking of LGBTQ+ Friendly Schools, the Mental Health Tram and Emotional Health and Safety

Tarnów Rospuda Association works for the right to clean air, protection of natural heritage, deepening environmental awareness and protection of animal rights

9twelfth provides anti-discrimination and equality education, assertiveness and self-defence workshops for WenDo women and supports local communities in civic action

The LUWIA Association works to improve the quality of life and social awareness and activities in the fields of ecology, protection of human and animal rights, education, culture

The Federation of Vegans for Animals was formed to bring together grassroots pro-animal activist movements. It works to oppose the exploitation of other creatures for consumption, entertainment, profit and other purposes

Daniel Petryczkiewicz is a photographer and activist. He publishes in Pismo magazine and frequently addresses climate change and environmental issues on his social media

diversityPL works to build an open and diverse community of people for whom it is important to equalise opportunities and remove social barriers

Student Action is an initiative that works to give students a voice and draw attention to the issues they face

The Psubraty Foundation works for the protection of forests, the creation of reserves. The foundation is involved in the Save the Rivers coalition and Let them Live!

Pedestrian Space, as an NGO and media platform, works to spread the topic of pedestrian movement and sustainable urbanism

Pacific Roots Magazine is a platform dedicated to global environmental issues, vegan farming, sustainability, plant-based food and more

The Scientific Circle on Human Rights and Humanitarian Crises works to build public awareness around human rights and ongoing humanitarian crises

Gdańsk Without Borders operates on the basis of European and democratic values, which are particularly important in the implementation of human rights. It connects young people with society, politically and scientifically

Iga Wozniak, campaigner in the Democracy Action team. Adherent of animalcentrism. Populariser of veganism, active in, among others, the Vegan Breakfast Club. On the internet she works as @halo_tu_fauna writing about veganism and animal rights

The Parent in the City Foundation works for an inclusive labour market, gender equality, liveable cities and cultural institutions open to parents with children

The "In the Name of the Animals" Foundation works for the liberation of all animals, regardless of species. It conducts vegan education and activism activities

Mikolow Plants Yeah is a grassroots initiative driven by a strong need to raise awareness, educate and activate the local community around environmental issues, sustainability and veganism

The Foundation "Ekopotencjał - Przestrzeń możliwości" works for the implementation of activities for environmental education, environmental protection and sustainable development in its broadest sense

In the Name of Animals works for veganism and animal rights. It organises and leads protests, discussions, debates, roundtables and street activism