Event with Dr Sylwia Spurek

6 marca 2023

On behalf of the Ecological Thought Club, the Upper Silesian and Zagłębie Metropolis and the University of Silesia in Katowice, we would like to invite you to a meeting with Dr. Sylwia Spurek, MEP, Founder of the Green REV Institute, which will take place on 07.03.2023 (Tuesday) at 17:30. The meeting will be streamed on Facebook and YouTube of the Ecological Thought Club.

Topics for the meeting: Time for a green, equal, civic Europe

Dr. Sylwia Spurek – lawyer, Member of the European Parliament, former Deputy Ombudsperson, involved in human and animal rights work for 21 years.

„After three years of working in the European Parliament, after three years of being elected as an MEP, after three years of being a politician, although I still prefer to think of myself in terms of an expert and an activist, I can clearly see that there are double standards in politics when it comes to concerns about climate problems, the environment, the health and quality of life of people in general, and the rights of non-human animals. There are socially and politically tame issues and those in the politically taboo category, which are better not addressed. Instead of bowing out, it is 'worth’ waiting and acting reactively, because it simply pays off politically.”

Source: Ecological Thinking Club

Photo: Dr. Sylwia Spurek, Member of the European Parliament