17.01 -RoundTable on Climate Education

6 stycznia 2023

We want to invite you to the first roundtable in 2023 on climate education!
👉 During the meeting with experts and female experts we will touch on education for climate, biodiversity, food system transformation. We will talk about why building awareness about climate, human rights and the environment from an early age is so important and what the climate education of the future should look like. In an era of threats to people’s quality of life, a worsening health crisis, and loss of biodiversity, we can’t ignore the voice of science about the current food production system as an engine of climate catastrophe.
📣 What role should educational institutions in Poland play to build a society for systemic change, committed to building a green future? How do we connect the dots between food production and deforestation, use of natural resources, antibiotic resistance, decline in human quality of life and protection of animal rights? Is climate education a basic right of schoolchildren? What can we already do to make this happen?
The roundtable will be attended by:
🗣Przemek Staroń – psychologist, cultural expert, teacher. Teacher of the Year 2018 in the competition of the Teacher’s Voice and the Ministry of Education. Man of the Year 2018 in the Gazeta Wyborcza readers’ poll. Recipient of the Generations@School award for his project to organize intergenerational meetings in schools on the occasion of the European Day of Intergenerational Solidarity;
🗣Councillor Marta Mazurek – Councillor of the City of Poznań, Vice-Chair of the Human Rights and Equal Treatment Committee of the ZMP. Together with other Councillors, she is creating the project „Councillors in the Morning – podcast” in which issues such as climate and food system transformation, among others, are discussed;
🗣Councillor Jolanta Niezgodzka – Councillor of the City Council of Wroclaw from the New Hope Councillors Club, Chairman of the Board of the Old Town Estate, Member of the Women’s Council. Involved in an advocacy project led by the Green REV Institute and the Future Food 4 Climate coalition to increase access to plant-based meals in public schools and kindergartens;
🗣Damian Jaworek – Warsaw’s first Student Ombudsman. Sociologist, anthropologist, graduate of the Department of Sociology and the Institute of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology at Warsaw University. Winner of the second Florian Znaniecki Prize of the Polish Sociological Association. Since the beginning of his professional path he has been involved in the third sector;
🗣Maria Boyke – activist, president of the Voice of Generations association, creating a space for young people to publish articles, interviews and columns, as well as organizer of the National Political Knowledge Contest. Amateur journalist and passionate about modern history;
🗣Izabella and Piotr Miklaszewski – authors of an adventure-educational comic novel entitled Travels with Claws and popular science educators at schools and cultural events. In the course of their numerous hitchhiking trips, they have observed firsthand the world’s climate-nature collapse and the social effects of climate change;
🗣Monika Milowska – Founder of the CultureLab Foundation, author of fairy tales and educational publications for teachers/schools, organizer of the 1st International Conference for Teachers.lek Pre-schools „Teacher of the Future – together for the environment”, co-founder of, graduate of the School of Human Rights at the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights;
🗣Piotr Starzewski – activist, since 2019 has been active in the Youth Climate Strike. A lover of nature and mountains. Member of the Green Party. Believes that through education we can change generations.
🌱 The event will be translated into Polish sign language. The Roundtable will be broadcast on the profile of the Green REV Institute already on Tuesday 17.01.2023 at 18:00.

Photo: unsplash