A plant-based menu in Toruń’s schools?

1 grudnia 2022

Toruń City Councillors Margareta Skerska-Roman and Bartosz Szymanski (Platforma.Nowoczesna Koalicja Obywatelska councillors’ club) have submitted an interpellation to the Mayor on the availability of vegan meals in the city’s educational institutions. They also ask about the City’s plans to adapt its local strategy to the challenges of food system transformation and urban food policy.

Decision-makers active in local government have been asking about access to vegan, sustainable meals since early 2022. A survey of student respondents showed that the problem of a lack of healthy, sustainable meals in schools is very large and not only affects those on a vegan, vegetarian diet.
Therefore, action at the local level is crucial for a green transformation of the food system, students’ health, climate.
Photo: canva