About animals and food in Liberté Talks

22 czerwca 2023

In Veronica Michalak’s latest podcast, Morgan Janowicz talks about the activities of the Future Food 4 Climate coalition, changing the diet and system for the climate, and the rights of farmed animals

„How do we view animals these days? As sentient, respectable beings or as a source of protein? Are we sensitive to the injustice of animals raised on industrial farms? Or do we not know what goes on there, or – seduced by the picture of a happy pig on a meat package – don’t want to know at all? What will be the greenhouse gas reduction benefits of a global shift to a plant-based diet? Are we already on that path? That’s what Morgan Janowicz and Aleksandra Ozimek discuss in an interview with Veronika Michalak.”

Credit: unsplash