AgriWatch – how do public funds support polluters?

16 kwietnia 2023

As part of the AgriWatch program, we are monitoring EU public funding, particularly under the Common Agricultural Policy.
We have already received the first responses regarding funds that supported the production of feed for farmed animals and forage crops in 2014-2020, the previous programming period of the EU budget.
From the response of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development:
„Within the framework of sub-measure 4.2 „Support for investment in the processing, marketing or development of agricultural products” of RDP 2014-2020, the sector covered by PKD code 10.91.z, i.e. Production of fodder for livestock, is supported. The number of contracts for support, concluded with entities operating in this sector amounted to 109, for the amount of PLN 381,606,508.00, including for the following provinces: dolnoslaskie: 2 pcs. for the amount of 1,476,940.00 and Greater Poland: 17 pcs. in the amount of PLN 79,760,572.50.”

Should PLN 400,000,000 go to a sector that destroys biodiversity, public health, the environment?

Credit: Canva