Are retail chains working for the future? – report

19 stycznia 2024

As the Green REV Institute, we check the 5 largest retail chains in Poland for their transparency and responsibility. We sent 21 questions to Żabka, Lidl, Biedronka, Kaulfand and Dino.

As part of the ongoing first phase of the „Meat us Halfway” project, the Green REV Institute has released a report summarising the activities of the past weeks. In summary:

  1. Although all chains have sustainability strategies, none indicate actions related to reducing the sale and promotion of meat and dairy as a target for climate action!
  2. All chains indicate actions related to building consumption of healthy and sustainable food in actions related to shaping consumer behaviour and not to reducing environmental emissions!
  3. Chains such as Lidl, Kaufland, Biedronka, Żabka boast about plant-based products, but do not show data from sales of meat and dairy vs. plant-based substitutes!
  4. The chains rely on meat and dairy in their recipes. Only 13% of all LIDL recipes are vegan; planet-friendly recipes according to Lidl are also those with dairy. In the case of Biedronka, only three out of 10 recipes are fully plant-based. In the case of Kaufland, among all the recipes available (939), 23, or 2%, are vegan.

Photo: Unsplash