Ban Live Transport

27 stycznia 2023

The EU Agriculture and Fisheries Council (AGRIFISH) will be meeting on January 30 already. Together with leaders, experts and civil society organizations, we have turned to Henryk Kowalczyk, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development in support of the ban on live animal transport.
„It is virtually impossible to enforce EU regulations outside the Community. Tragedies in the transport of live animals by sea (among others: Karim Allah and Elbeik, when 2,600 animals were killed after being stranded at sea for more than three months, the blockade of the Suez Canal resulted in the deaths of thousands of sheep, and more than 14,000 sheep drowned when the Queen Hind capsized near the port of Midia in Romania in November 2019) and by land have emphatically demonstrated that the export of live animals means suffering, pain and drama for animals. Europeans have been working for years to stop the transports, with campaigns such as Stop Live Transport and No Animal Left Behind.”

It’s time for a ban and a just transformation of the food system in the spirit of the Farm to Fork strategy!

The letter was signed by Future Food 4 Climate member organizations Compassion in World Farming, Action Democracy, Our Beaver, Ekowyborca, Nobody’s Animals Foundation, Men Against Violence, Chrumkowo Asylum for Pigs, Lily Pig Asylum, Ecological Thought Club, Vege Vouge, Roślinna Strona, Poland for Animals, Travel with Claw, Friends of Pooh Association, and Green REV Institute experts : prof. Marcin Urbaniak, Dariusz Gzyra, Prof. Joanna Hańderek, Prof. Piotr Skubala, Dr. Joanna Kowalczyk – Bednarczyk. The letter was also supported by the Open Cages Association and Dr. Ryszard Kulik.

Photo: unsplash / Jo-Anne McArthur/ We Animals Media