Blood farms Iceland – Petition

9 czerwca 2023

Did you know that pigs, cows, sheep in order to „produce” milk and meat more efficiently, faster and on time are given a fertility booster, the PMSG hormone? Did you know that the PMSG hormone is obtained from pregnant mares, who are bred ONLY to become donors of the hormone, until their death? Do you know that in Poland, breeders can and do buy veterinary medicines from PMSG and in 2020 alone, more than 20 kilos of pure hormone was used in Polish farms for meat and milk? Did you know that one of the countries that allows such cruelty is … Iceland?

This is what the blood chain in animal agriculture looks like. This is just one exposure of the animal agriculture sector’s cruelty to farmed animals.

We want a complete end to the production and use of the suffering hormone PMSG. No more horse blood for cheap „pork”.

That’s why we are joining in support of a petition to the Icelandic government, so that they stop breeding mares!

Credit: unsplash