Broken food system vs. denialism in the media

15 marca 2023

The Network and In Politics magazines published an article on the 2019 report. C40 Cities. The article also indicates the efforts of the Future Food 4 Climate coalition to build public debate on food system transformation. The authors build a narrative of privacy of the contents of the plate, a ban on eating meat and animal products, and a tax on meat. Unfortunately, they don’t point out that billions of euros are being injected into the livestock sector today in the form of subsidies, subsidies, compensation, and they also forget about scientific research on the livestock sector’s impact on biodiversity, public health and human and animal rights.
That’s why it’s so important to build a debate around agriculture and the food system, advocacy and action to build awareness among decision-makers. We are including decision-makers, the scientific community, activist individuals and creating a critical mass for an honest dialogue about the necessary (!) transformation of the food system.
Credit: We Animals Media