Candidate for Mayor of Krakow, Lukasz Gibała for Plant School!

9 marca 2024

Krakow, March 7 Lukasz Gibala, candidate for Mayor of Krakow, along with the leaders of his list: Aleksandra Owca, Aleksandra Lewicka and Emilia Drobot sign the Plant School Declaration – 10 specific demands for schools, kindergartens, public procurement, food and climate education and local government action for local, healthy food.

Lukasz Gibala : „First of all, we must reverse the very bad decision to abolish canteens in schools. This decision, made a dozen years ago by then deputy Jacek Majchrowski, led to very serious negative consequences – injustice in prices and often poor quality of meals in schools.Meals for children must be reasonably priced and should be prepared on site. Those schools where there is no space to install a kitchen should be supplied by the kitchens of neighboring schools, rather than external catering companies.”

Aleksandra Owca emphasized – „We teach children in schools about climate change and responsibility for the planet. We teach them about health and the need to take care of their bodies. We also teach children about ethics, including condemning cruelty to animals. From subsequent journalistic investigations and reports, we know about the conditions under which animals are kept in industrial farms, as well as the health effects of meat consumption – for example, studies showing a link between red meat consumption and an increased risk of type 2 diabetes. We also have very clear data showing that today industrial animal farming is responsible for massive deforestation, for example, not least because globally almost 80 percent of agricultural land is used not to grow crops that humans eat, but to feed farm animals” .

Credit: Lukasz Gibala/ Staff