Climate education-recommendations to the Ministry of Education

9 lipca 2024

Green REV Institute and Future Food 4 Climate partners have submitted recommendations on climate education to the Ministry of Education. Climate education without education in the areas of food, agriculture and the need to transition to plant-based systems is incomplete.

„In the face of the growing climate crisis and related social, economic, health challenges, it is necessary to implement integrated and comprehensive climate education in Poland. Climate education must be conducted in a multi-level manner and involve all entities responsible for implementing public policies. The recommendations presented here are intended to support the Ministry of Education in developing and implementing effective climate education programs. We want to emphasize the role of food education in the climate context, including but not limited to: educating for a just transition of the food and agriculture system to plant-based systems for people, equipping with advocacy and watchdog competencies for citizen participation in building climate policies, shaping a climate-responsible food environment, and including all stakeholder groups in educational activities including teaching staff and educational management.”

Credit: unsplash