COP27 must bet on science not industry

6 listopada 2022

Before the upcoming Climate Summit, we remind you of NGOs advocacy efforts through Climate Week NYC.

„For 14 years, Climate Week NYC has gained attention as a global event to address the climate crisis. But the continued inclusion of industry-sponsored events promoting beef as a climate solution calls into question whether Climate Week represents an ambitious path forward or just an opportunity to promote polluting businesses. The Climate Week 2022 session „Choosing a climatarian diet: the case for including beef” underscores the risk that corporate influence will mislead attendees and overshadow the positive work presented at the event. We were disappointed to see an event overtly promoting climate-intensive beef on the agenda, especially in light of the success of Eat for Climate Week, which recognizes the climate benefits of moving away from high meat consumption.
Beef production is a major driver of agricultural emissions. (…) The IPCC has recognized the urgent need to address greenhouse gas emissions from food and agriculture to meet climate goals. While animal agriculture practices vary widely, evidence shows that even the most promising efforts to sequester carbon or reduce methane cannot be widely applied, provide minimal emissions reductions at best, and involve environmental trade-offs such as increased land use. According to Project Drawdown, switching to a plant-rich diet is the third most influential climate solution, with the potential to reduce more emissions than practices such as improved manure management, improved cattle feed, managed grazing and agroforestry can achieve combined.”

Foto: unsplash