Damian Jaworek and Education for a Just Transition 

16 stycznia 2023

Together with media partner Głos Pokolenia, we invite you to the first roundtable on climate education in 2023!

Damian Jaworek – the first Warsaw Student Ombudsperson. Sociologist, anthropologist, graduate of the Faculty of Sociology and the Institute of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology at the University of Warsaw. Winner of the 2nd Florian Znaniecki Award of the Polish Sociological Association and the award of the Polish Gender Association. From the beginning of his professional path, he has been involved with the third sector. He has carried out social research and projects for educational organisations and public institutions. He is a member of the Landscape Society, which works for sustainable tourism and local heritage;

See you on 17 January at 18:00 on the fp Green REV Institute!

Photo: Damian Jaworek