Round Table „Media vs. Sustainable Food System ” is available now!

28 września 2022

How is the media shaping the debate on the food production system today? How do they inform about the impact of the food system on biodiversity loss, water, soil, and air pollution, and deforestation? What actions must the media take to make consumers know that the food system is, along with fossil fuels, the engine of climate catastrophe?

Answers to these and even more questions are given by representatives of the Future Food 4 Climate coalition partners, civil society organizations, youth organizations and activists during yesterday’s round table. The interview was attended by – prof. Joanna Hańderek, Adrian Sosnowski, Alicja Barcikowska, Patryk Stelmaszek and Karolina Justyna.

The roundtable was streamed on the Green REV Institute profile! We encourage you to watch the recording!

Photo: Unsplash