Denmark and the groundbreaking ruling on vegan meals

11 lutego 2024

On 8 February 2024, the Danish lower court in Hjorring recorded a landmark ruling on the availability of vegan meals. The ruling emphasises that those who follow a vegan diet have the right to equal treatment and cannot be put at a disadvantage compared to those who do not have vegan beliefs.

The case involved a nursery refusing to prepare a vegan meal and denying parents the opportunity to provide their child with a meal themselves. The child’s parents contacted the Vegetarian Society of Denmark about the case and asked for support.

The court emphasised that the child, who was denied a vegan meal and also denied the possibility to bring a meal prepared on his own, was treated worse than children who do not live according to non-vegan beliefs. Thus, the child was a victim of indirect discrimination. The discrimination violated Article 14 of the European Convention on Human Rights in conjunction with Article 9.

Photo: Unsplash