Dining on despair & debate. Gdynia!

7 marca 2024

The Green REV Institute’s film „Dining on despair” will be screened at 5:30 pm on March 11 at the Gdynia Film Center, combined with a debate with experts and decision-makers.

The discussion will be moderated by Agata Lewandowska – an employee of Gdynia’s local government, head of the Climate Change Adaptation Department in the Environment Department, activist of the „Parents for Future” movement and district councilor. Agata is a fan of cargo bikes, a plant-based diet and circularity.

The panel discussion will include:

Michal Guć – Vice-Mayor of Gdynia for Innovation, deals with, among other things, social and environmental issues, is a recipient of awards and honors granted by NGOs for his work in the civic sector, has published in Poland and abroad a number of books and dozens of articles on civic society, public administration, social participation, NGOs and social economy. A passionate traveler.

Marika Domozych – councillor of the City Council of Gdynia since 2014, she deals with such topics as revitalization, urban planning, sustainable transportation and creating animal-friendly space. A promoter of a plant-based diet.

Ewelina Magdziak – a graduate of dietetics at the Medical University of Gdansk. Promoter of a plant-based diet, for many years working on informal education in the field of popularization and communication of science, including in the field of climate education. Author of popular science articles and lesson plans. She strives for minimalism, which she finds a lot of fun.

Plant Based Tips or Sebastian Kulis and Robert Ropel. Sebastian took up cultivating his garden at the age of 17, and that’s how he turned from a hobby gardener into a gardener with experience. Robert studied architecture and urban planning at Gdansk University of Technology, and then landscape architecture – out of love for space and Nature. They have been living and working together for 5 years now, designing, making and maintaining ecological gardens not only in Poland, but also in Scandinavia. They educate on how to grow vegetables in an ecological, Nature-friendly way, use wild plants, how to take care of the soil and influence the increase of biodiversity around us. Both have not eaten meat for more than 10 years, promoting their own vegetable crops. They suggest how to switch to a plant-based diet, using well-known and lesser-known vegetables, herbs, fruits, mushrooms or wild plants of Poland. They prove that veganism is not only easy, but also better for the world, or our bodies.
Karol Hamanowicz – activist, student, activist for equality and justice.
The film will be translated into Polish Sign Language (PJM).
The film was made with the support of Vegan Grants, matron of honor is Dr. Sylwia Spurek, Member of the European Parliament (Greens/EFA), matron and cooperation: Krytyka Polityczna. The event is held as part of the European Vegan Summit Talks 2024 . Free tickets can be picked up at the cinema!

Photo: Michal Guć, Vice-Mayor of Gdynia; author Pawel Jałoszewski.