Dining on despair. Thank you Wrocław!

21 lutego 2024

On February 17, the premiere of Green REV Institute’s latest report Dining on despair, combined with an expert debate, took place in Wroclaw, at the New Horizons Cinema.

MEP Dr. Sylwia Spurek opened the events with a lecture on food justice. The debate was attended by Jolanta Niezgodzka MP (Civic Coalition), Dr. Robert Maślak (biologist, New Left), Dorota Danowska (Vega Vegan Bar), Szymon Żugaj (Green REV Institute), Elżbieta Lemańska – Błażowska (Parents for Future).

We would like to thank Parents for Future for co-organizing the event and invite you to come to Krakow on Saturday, February 24!

Photo: Tomasz Marx