Dr. Sylwia Spurek – Finalist of the Woman of the Year Award

5 stycznia 2024

Dr. Sylwia Spurek, founder of REV , Member of the European Parliament is among the close finalists for the Woman of the Year Vegan Women Summit Awards! „Sylwia Spurek is not only one of the few female politicians and vegan politicians in the European Parliament, but she is a strong advocate for animal rights in law and public discourse. She boldly challenges norms, calling for a meat tax, the withdrawal of public subsidies for animal farming and a ban on advertising animal products. Despite daily attacks, cyberbullying and aggression, Sylwia remains a steadfast opponent of the animal agriculture sector.

Sylwia Spurek’s uncompromising drive to defend animal rights, combined with an unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries, makes her an outstanding candidate. She courageously supports policy changes with far-reaching effects, challenging the status quo and inspiring others to fight for a more compassionate and just world.”

The two other candidates are: Kitty Block and Heather Mills.


Photo: European Union 2023 – Source : EP