Draft resolution – MEP Spurek for rural areas

9 lipca 2023

Dr. Sylwia Spurek, Member of the European Parliament, has drafted a resolution calling on the European Commission to take legislative action against factory farms located near residential areas.

„We must have the courage to say how animal farming affects our lives, our health, our environment and our planet. This is just the beginning of the debate on this issue. Many years ago, we started the debate on fossil fuels, and there was emotion and controversy at the beginning of the debate. Today, no one questions the need to transform the energy sector. MPs need to listen to scientists, not Big Milk and Big Meat.” Dr. Spurek says.

The draft resolution was criticized by the National Council of Chambers of Agriculture, pointing out that : „the perception of odors is an individual issue” and that „it is up to those who decide to settle in the countryside to take into account the conditions associated with such a place of residence.” This is another example of how the issue of farm stench, air pollution, water pollution, environmental and health damage is taboo for food production circles. However, studies and data clearly show that rural residents protesting against the farms have serious reasons to fear for their lives and health.
Dr. Spurek’s draft resolution is currently under consideration and could be adopted in the current term of the EP. This would be a significant step for the public debate on the health and social costs of factory farms.

Credit: European Parliament.