EC consultation – public resilience

12 stycznia 2024

The European Commission’s 'Have your say’ Public Consultation on Social Resilience – managing climate risks in the EU is open until 14 January.

Public Consultation

The Green REV Institute has sent its position paper in which we point out that:

„The threats and risks arising from delays and lack of implementation of targets and actions related to a just transition of the food system and the transition to plant-based systems for humans concern both food security and food safety. The European Commission and the European Parliament have all the data on scientific knowledge, the latest research, the recommendations of the scientific community on climate transition, agricultural transition and the food system. It is difficult to manage risks when the EU authorities themselves are creating these risks through inaction and inhibiting the transition. The political dynamics and tenure of EU authorities should be the engine for repairing and building the resilience of the system and not an additional risk associated with compromises in favour of agro-industry lobbies to the detriment of citizens, farmers and the food system as a whole.”

Full statement from REV

Photo: Unsplash