Effective communication and action with the media

4 października 2023

Advocacy Academy 'Nothing about us without us’ in cooperation with the Embassy of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in Warsaw.

The theme of the meeting was effective communication and action with the media. The following people acted as expert speakers and performed:

  • Iga Wozniak, a campaigner in the Action Democracy team. Iga is a member of the Future Food 4 Climate and the Writer’s Collective – an initiative run by Sentient Media, she is implementing local actions aimed at taming veganism as an ethical and sustainable way of living and eating, raising awareness of non-human animal rights issues and changing the narrative about non-human animals.
  • Szymon Bujalski – Journalist engaging in issues relevant to the future of humanity. He focuses mainly on ecology, environmental protection. His publications aim to raise awareness and mobilise society to take the right steps to ensure sustainability and a future for our planet.

Our series of meetings aims to create a space to exchange thoughts, ideas and to learn from expert speakers.

Photo: Unsplash