Elections for Animals 2023

26 września 2023

Green REV Institute, Eurogroup for Animals, Open Cages, Albert Schweitzer Foundation, Compassion in World Farming Poland have joined forces and created a website They ask election committees, parties, candidates about key legal changes, political programs and demands for non-human animals in the context of the food system, the welfare of farmed animals, fur farms….
Poland is a leader in animal production: meat, dairy and eggs. The victims of the system based on animal production are the so-called farmed animals – we kill more than 1,500,000,000 of them annually in Poland (not counting fish, counted in tons), but also people living near industrial animal farms, consumer people condemned to unethical, unhealthy food, wild animals and nature….

Therefore, when we make a choice for a particular electoral committee, we vote for or against changes for animals, for biodiversity, climate and human rights.

Leaders of parties and election committees do not want to talk about meat and dairy factories, about fur farms, about fixing the food system. Politics as they see it is a slalom between industry expectations, social demands and electoral columns and party interests.

Visit for answers from parties, committees and candidates to questions about the welfare of farmed animals, factory farms, the transition to plant-based food systems, and the appointment of an Ombudsperson for Animals in Poland.

Credit: Campaign