EP once again against a sustainable food system

9 maja 2023

A vote on the EU School Scheme took place today during the plenary session in Strasbourg. MEPs voted against the inclusion of vegan, plant-based dairy substitutes in the Vegetables, Fruit and Milk in School Scheme.

The programme allocates as much as €95 million each year from the European Union for the distribution of animal-based milk. 

Anna Spurek, COO Green REV Institute: ” Children and young people who do not eat animal dairy cannot benefit from the Programme. Furthermore, we know that most of the milk purchased under the Scheme is industrially produced, so once again the EU is supporting industrial farms. This decision by MEPs shows how far we are from the Farm to Table strategy.”

Morgan Janowicz, Partnership Coordinator Green REV Institute: „Our appeal to EU politicians went unanswered. Once again we see that the Sustainable Food System has become a slogan and not actual action.”

The European Commission will now work on publishing a new proposal to implement the EU-funded programme.

Photo: Unsplash