EU 2040 climate target? Food!!

19 czerwca 2023

European Commission opens consultation and Future Food 4 Climate calls for mobilization

The European Commission is holding a public consultation #HaveYourSay on the EU’s 2040 Climate Target until June 23, 2023 (24:00).

Positions can be sent on the EC website.
Green REV Institute and the Future Food 4 Climate coalition encourage you to take part in the consultation and strongly CALL TO ACTION – Commission! Take note and address fixing the food and agriculture system!

We would like to remind you:

The food system accounts for 26% of current global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions;

Animal agriculture, the largest emitter of GHGs in the food system, is responsible for 15% of global emissions, which is roughly equivalent to emissions from the transportation sector;

The climate impact of the world’s largest meat and dairy corporations – Big Animal Agriculture – may already rival that of oil giants Big Oil. The five largest players in the Big Livestock industry – JBS, Tyson, Cargill, Dairy Farmers of America and Fonterra – together emit more greenhouse gases than ExxonMobil ;

If industrial livestock farming continues, the industry’s growth will cause us to exceed our global emissions budget for 1.5°C. Within ten years, the livestock sector will account for almost half (49%) of the global emissions budget for 1.5°C by 2030 and 80% by 2050.

Credit. Unsplash