EU – climate retreat

20 lutego 2024

The European Commission has issued two announcements of importance to EU citizens & consumers who buy food every day and want to be healthy and are concerned about food quality and safety. Unfortunately, both are another nod to the animal agriculture and the industry. Apparently, the EU election campaign requires compromises and departures from the necessary plans to fix the food and agriculture system.

February 6, 2024. ” The Commission sets out a path to achieve the goal of making the European Union climate-neutral by 2050. It recommends a 90% reduction in net greenhouse gas emissions by 2040 compared to 1990 levels, which is in line with the latest scientific advice and the EU’s commitments under the Paris Agreement. To achieve the 90% reduction target by 2040, the following actions will be required.

Full implementation of existing EU legislation to reduce emissions by at least 55% by 2030.

Decarbonizing industry by building on existing strengths, such as wind power, hydropower and electrolyzers.

Increasing domestic production in growth sectors such as batteries, electric vehicles, heat pumps, solar cells and others.

Equity, solidarity and social policy at the center of the transition, helping vulnerable citizens and nationals, regions, businesses and workers through tools such as the Social Climate Fund and the Just Transition Fund.

Open dialogue with all stakeholders, including farmers, businesses, social partners and citizens, women citizens.”

What was missing from the text?

The European Commission had strong commitments on: 30% reductions in non-CO2 emissions from agriculture, such as CH4 emissions from livestock and N2O emissions from soils. Parts of the communiqué recognizing the role of lifestyle changes, including dietary changes, in reducing greenhouse gas emissions were also removed.

Food safety according to von der Leyen – let them eat pesticides

Another EC decision excludes a voice for the health of consumer people, for food justice, a voice for the health of Europeans.

„Let me remind you that we are talking about the proposal for an EP and Council (EU) Regulation on the sustainable use of plant protection products and amending Regulation (EU) 2021/2115, in which the Commission itself states that: Achieving safe, sustainable, equitable, climate-smart production of affordable food with respect for sustainability, the environment, protection of biodiversity and ecosystems, while ensuring food security, is very important to citizens and is among the 49 proposals included in the final report of the Conference on the Future of Europe, published on May 9, 2022. Citizens are also asking the Union to protect and restore biodiversity, landscapes and oceans and eliminate pollution, as well as to introduce strong measures to promote and guarantee greener and climate-smart agriculture. ” Anna Spurek, REV.

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Credit: European Parliament