EU Fight over Nature Restoration Law

23 kwietnia 2024

Ahead of the country’s European elections, conflicting opinions on the Nature Restoration Law, are emerging even in Belgium, which holds the EU presidency. Via ” In recent weeks, Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo has criticized the legislation, calling it a „bad law.” He has also previously advocated a „pause” on new EU green and climate legislation. Conflicting views on the future of the Green Deal have led to tensions within the Belgian federal coalition and divergent approaches by ministers to negotiations on key EU documents, such as the Nature Regulation.
De Croo’s comments have also undermined Belgium’s role as an honest broker in Council discussions, where Maron (Climate Minister) is now trying to find a qualified majority in favor of the #NatureRestorationLaw regulation.” Problems among Belgian politicians are not helping the legislation. NGOs and the scientific community protested outside the Prime Minister’s Office yesterday.

Prime Minister Donald Tusk deliberately blocked the Nature Restoration Ordinance. You can still sign the petition to the Prime Minister HERE.

Regardless of the decision, the EU 2019-2024 authorities in recent years have blocked key legislation and strategies for climate transformation in the areas of food, biodiversity, protection of the rights of consumer people. The Green Deal is now being used in the power struggle in the upcoming legislature and has become a tool for disinformation and polarization.

Credit: European Parliament