EU vs. sustainability

18 marca 2023

We took part in the European Commission’s public consultation on the 2023 Strategic Outlook Report. 

As the European Commission itself stated in the invitation to participate in the public consultation: „we are facing climate and environmental challenges that are both global and systemic. To address them, the EU is undergoing a profound transformation towards sustainable development. At the same time, it is also stepping up efforts to improve the quality of life, well-being and security of the Union’s current and future residents.”

In the Green REV Institute’s post, we addressed the most important issues related to the EU food system, the consequences of the livestock sector, climate education, and building a sustainable food system through systemic action.
The EU should be a leader in a just climate transition and in building a democratic, inclusive community. Russia’s aggression in Ukraine, the economic crisis, the humanitarian crisis, the climate crisis must be treated as challenges that the Union must address and address in its policies, strategies, legislation. 

Credit: Unsplash