European Vegan Summit – a message for the climate!

3 listopada 2022

We remind you of the message of decision-makers, academics, NGOs and politicians for the climate, delivered at the European Vegan Summit.

Dr. Peter Carter (IPCC), Dr. Sylwia Spurek (MEP, Greens/EFA), Anita Krajnc (Animal Save Movement), Jo Swabe (Humane Society International), Mai Kivela (MP, Finland), Ziggy Klazes (Haarlem, Councillor who led the adoption of the meat advertising ban), Olga Kikou (Compassion in World Farming EU), Siska Pottie (EAPF) talk about the impact of agriculture and the food system on climate, biodiversity, human and animal rights.

It’s time for a green, just ,ethical transformation! Thanks to Global Vegan Magazine for the article and welcome to the European Vegan Summit 2023!

Photo: unsplash