EVS 2023: Axel Anders

18 sierpnia 2023


Axel Anders, M. A., studied psychology, drama, linguistics and business administration in France and Germany. Already during his university years, he became involved in the organic farming movement and came into contact with the organic pioneer Adolf Hoops back in the early 1980s.
Although his professional journey took him in a different direction in language teaching, international business and publishing, his interest in organic farming remained alive. In 2016, when recognising the need for a consistently vegan form of organic agriculture, he connected German stakeholders in veganic farming with the Biocyclic Network in Greece/Cyprus, thereby initiating the development of “Biocyclic Vegan Agriculture”.
Currently, Axel Anders lives and works in Berlin. As a co-founder of the Adolf Hoops Society, the international standard and label organisation for biocyclic vegan agriculture, he is primarily involved in the international development of biocyclic vegan activities.

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