EVS 2023: Catalina Lopez

25 sierpnia 2023

#Experts #EuropeanVeganSummit2023

Catalina Lopez is the Director of the Aquatic Animal Alliance, the coalition of over 130 organizations in 67 countries that are spearheading the work around the globe to reduce the suffering of aquatic animals in the food system. Through science-based advocacy, the aquatic animal alliance influences industry, governments and multilateral bodies to address the need to include aquatic animal welfare in sustainability and ethical agendas and policies.
Catalina is a Veterinarian from Colombia, and she currently resides in Mexico City. She has worked in the farmed animal protection movement for over 6 years, previously leading the Corporate Engagement team at Mercy For Animals Latin America on their work in cage-free campaigns.

#AnimalRightsAdvocacy #AquaticAnimals