EVS 2023: Dr. Krista Hiddema

12 sierpnia 2023


Dr. Krista Hiddema oversees grants for the Karuna Foundation and Vegan Grants, dedicated to funding activism that effectively communicates a compelling vegan diet change message to a mainstream audience. With a vision of a Vegan World, the foundation aims to foster a global shift toward sustainability and compassion for animals.

Inspired by social justice theorist Bill Moyer, Krista embraces a pluralist approach to ethics, recognizing the value of diverse perspectives in achieving social justice. Her interest lies in the ecology of social movements, leveraging various approaches based on contextual nuances.
Krista holds a Doctorate in Social Sciences, specializing in the employment experiences of women vocational activists in Canada and the United States. 

Committed to education and research, Krista serves as an adjunct professor at Royal Roads University, a reviewer for the Journal of Critical Animal Studies, and a fellow with the Animals & Society Research Initiative.

While her past experiences at Mercy For Animals, Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuary, her law firm, and the for-profit sector have shaped her journey, Krista is presently dedicated to advancing the mission and vision of the Karuna Foundation and Vegan Grants. Through strategic grant funding, she tirelessly supports activism that effectively communicates the vegan diet change message, striving for a profound societal transformation.