EVS Talks #3 – Oksana Khomiak 

23 lutego 2023

The next episode of EVS Talks will premiere today!

„Food is a staple for all of us – in times of war, in times of peace. That’s why we should address making changes to the food system first. Today, it is a system that is destroying our planet and us as a society,” – says Oksana Khomiak of @lviv_vegan_kitchen 🇺🇦 in a new episode of EVS Talks.

„The war in Ukraine has exposed the inefficiency of the current food production and distribution system” – Lena Anna Kuklinska notes. And food – especially healthy, ethical food that is good for us, for animals, and for the planet – is, after all, the basis for a safe tomorrow.

We discuss the situation activists are facing during the war in Ukraine, how local, ethical Ukrainian businesses can be supported, and what lessons the world’s decision-makers could learn from this tragedy, if only they were willing to listen 👇.

You can find the episode on the European Vegan Summit website at 18:00❗️

Photo: Oksana Khomiak