EVS Talks – Anastasia Trofimova & Your Beet!

30 czerwca 2023

„Our mission is to make it easier for our users to eat more plant-based foods, for our health and the health of our planet!

Our journey began 2 years ago in Melbourne, during the devastating bushfires. We had no doubt that we wanted to live in a more climate-friendly way. We, the founders, immediately connected with how difficult it was to suddenly change our eating habits and how few services were available to facilitate this change.”

Your Beet is a platform that makes it easier for millions of people to eat healthy and climate-friendly. Lena Anna Kuklinska of the Green REV Institute speaks with its founder Anastasia Trofimova in Episode 7 of EVS Talks. 30.06, at 14:00 CEST!

Credit: unsplash