EVS Talks – in the name of animals

21 stycznia 2024

Listen to episode 13 of EVS Talks 'In the name of animals’. Anna Spurek interviews Roberto Manelli, activist and spokesperson for Sanctuary Progetto Cuori Liberi.

Roberto is not only an activist, but also a voice for all non-human animals. Roberto is extensively involved as a volunteer.

Link to EVS Talks #13

In this episode of EVS Talks, we delve into the heart of compassion and courage, exploring the important role of sanctuaries in fighting for animal rights and raising awareness among people. We touch on the African swine fever outbreak in Italy and focus on the Progetto Cuori Liberi sanctuary – a beacon of hope that stood up to the injustices of the system in 2023. The talk takes us into a world of influence and determination, exploring the powerful force of lobbyists and their impact on animal rights. We will talk about the unwavering courage and commitment of those who dedicate their lives to the cause of all animals.

Photo: Unsplash