Factory farming vs. environment and health

31 lipca 2023

As part of the ongoing OPUS 18 project entitled. „Intensive poultry farming – identification of environmental changes and their impact on human health”, Prof. Dr. Agnieszka I. Piotrowicz-Cieślak from the UWM Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology indicates that intensive chicken farming has a negative impact on the environment and the health of people living in the vicinity of the factory farms. 

Prof. Dr. Agnieszka I. Piotrowicz-Cieślak points out that factory farms pollute the air, soil, surface water and groundwater and affect human and animal health. The research was conducted on a factory farm comprising five chicken houses. At the same time, the scientific team emphasises that finding a research site was demanding, as a major obstacle is the reluctance of producers to cooperate with the scientific side. 

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The study is funded by the National Science Centre and carried out in cooperation with the Faculty of Health Sciences of the Medical University of Gdańsk. 

Poland is the leader in chicken meat production in Europe, representing more than 19% of production. France is second (12.5%), followed by Spain (12.3%).

Photo: We Animals Media