FF4C – urban food workshop in Wroclaw

28 czerwca 2023

Today we are at the Fair Local Green Deal, by the Climate and Energy Department of the City of Wroclaw in cooperation with the organization Greenhat Innovation. The theme of the workshop is food sovereignty. Fair Local Green Deals is a pilot program to try to implement the provisions of the European Green Deal at the local level by selected cities (in cooperation with the association ICLEI Europe (Local Governments for Sustainability) and the Porticus Foundation. The project involves five European cities – Ghent, Valencia, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Wroclaw and Lodz. Each city is focusing on its key themes, issues and challenges, and the project aims to support cities in these activities with local engagement. We talk about the #foodsystem and present a roadmap of legislation for a sustainable food system and the Future Food 4 Climate coalition’s activities at the level of local food policies, public procurement, and food system transformation at the level of educational institutions’ cafeterias, which we implement in cooperation with local organizations and decision-makers!

This year we also joined the international Buy Better Food campaign!

Credit: unsplash