FF4C vs. venison in schools

26 czerwca 2023

The Ministry of Climate and Environment has addressed the issue of plant-based meals in schools, pointing out the need to eat and promote… venison. Therefore, with Future Food 4 Climate partners, we present a position on the killing of wild animals and call for a plant-based transformation of cafeteria plates.
„The fact that a plant-based diet counteracts the loss of biodiversity, is good for the environment and climate, as well as for the health and life of humans and animals, is emphatically proven scientifically. The Ministry of Climate and Environment, as part of the tasks it is obliged to carry out, should support the proposed demands. Meanwhile, the answer given is careless, irreverent and, above all, irresponsible. Offering wild game, in mass feeding on such a large scale, is playing with children’s health, exposing them to unnecessary risks of disease, is further unnecessary interference with natural ecosystems and actions that will in no way contribute to slowing negative climate change.”

Credit: unsplash