Fish feel pain

3 maja 2024

Join us for the next Future Food 4 Climate event: Fish as sentient beings. The impact of fish farming on climate and biodiversity. The meeting aims to broaden the debate on fish as sentient beings and the impact of fish farming on climate and biodiversity.

The debate will be attended by Prof. Joanna Handerek, Prof. Dorota Probucka, Monika Konieczna and Ewa Wantuch. During the debate, the following topics will be discussed: angling as a form of hunting, the impact of the state of rivers on fish welfare, eating fish from a philosophical and ethical perspective, and a discussion of dietary issues related to not eating fish.

The event will be held at the Provincial Public Library (room 247, 2nd floor), 1 Rajska Street, Krakow.

The project is coordinated by the Green REV Institute and the Future Food 4 Climate Coalition, of which the „In the Name of the Animals” Foundation is a part. The project is implemented with the support of Animal Charity Evaluators under Movement Grants.

Credit: unsplash