Food debate at the Congress of Urban Movements!

15 czerwca 2023

June 24 this year. (Saturday) we see you at the Congress of Urban Movements in Gdansk!

The Green REV Institute and Future Food 4 Climate panel on food system transformation in the context of local government action, local food policies and the EU sustainable food system will be moderated by Bartek Gawrecki. The speakers will be: Marika Domozych – Councilperson from Gdynia, climate activist and for involving young people in decision-making; member of the Budget Committee, Culture Committee, chair of the Urban Planning and Strategy Committee; Sylwia Kowalska – board member of the Congress of Urban Movements, president of the NO.BA Foundation. Environmentalist, co-founder of Torun’s Eateries and the Foodsharing Poland Movement, involved in the „Circus Without Animals” campaign.
Kacper Nowicki – founder of the Varia Posnania Foundation, Poznanian, Chairman of the Youth Council of the City of Poznan 2020-2021. Student of European Administration at the European School of Law and Administration in Brussels, works for student rights, equality, inclusive and climate education.
Credit: canva