Food waste in the Big Format!

13 czerwca 2023

Editor Octavia Kromer in Big Format about food waste and a food system that doesn’t work.

Anna Spurek, COO of the Green REV Institute think tank (an organization that lobbies in the European Union for a „green transformation of the food system”), points out that waste is a deeper problem than confusing „best before” and „use by” dates. – Above all, we should not see it as the fault of consumers, but of the industry and the entire, flawed food system, she points out.

The point is that retail chains are paid to produce excess food in order to give the consumer a wide enough choice. As a result, a mass of stuff we don’t need ends up on the shelves.

Spurek points out that food is wasted already at the production stage, especially in the meat, egg and dairy industries. – No one collects data on how many animals die at this stage. How many die in transportation. And in Poland we transport more than a billion chickens, they are transported twice: to the farm and to the slaughterhouse. It is also a waste that we allocate 70 percent of grain to farmed animals. And at the same time, 900 million people in the world are starving. A system based on animal production is a waste of resources, the climate and animal life,” says Spurek.”

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Credit: unsplash