Forum 2023 – Matylda Szyrle

15 listopada 2023

Agriculture of the Future

18 November, 1pm!

Matilda Szyrle – graduate of the Institute of Applied Social Sciences (UW) and Emerging Economies and International Development (King’s College London).

She chose these courses because she is interested in how society works and whether (and what) can be done to make it work a little better.
She has worked in a variety of sectors – for 3 years in strategic consultancy at McKinsey&Company, at the eState Foundation, the Treasury Company, for the Survivor Foundation and at a telecommunications and consultancy firm in London.
Since 2020, he has been running Listny Cud / Future Friendly Farm – one of the first vertical farms in Poland, where organic microgreens and herbs are grown. Listny Miracle also produces vertical farms in various formats – from small farms for offices or schools to industrial vertical farms. The aim of Listny Miracle is to sustainably produce good food and strengthen food security in the face of the looming climate crisis.
One of 23 women to watch in 2023 according to Forbes Women Poland.

Photo: Green REV Institute