From live transport to … fork. AGRI Ministry consultation

30 kwietnia 2024

Green REV Institute has submitted a position paper on the EU regulation on the protection of animals during transport to the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development.
„It is not possible to analyze the direct aspects of live animal transport alone without considering the context of the animal agriculture sector’s operations – from the impact on the climate, the environment, risks to food safety and food security. Transports of live animals contradict any animal welfare, and it is not possible to implement transports that did not constitute cruelty and suffering for farmed animals. Given the need to evolve the food system towards plant-based systems for humans, with the support of the policies of countries, the EU and international organizations, we call for a multifaceted and long-term approach of the Minister to the regulation, so that human rights, animal protection and environmental protection are the basis of evaluation and consultation for this legislation. We also want to draw the Minister’s attention to the rarely considered perspective of the rights of consumers. One of the basic consumer rights is the right to information. It is therefore urgent to consider whether consumer persons have information on what route – from farm to fork – their food has taken and what that journey has been like. We are convinced that the introduction of requirements for transparency in the supply chain and traceability of the entire access chain would lead to a significant reduction in the consumption of animal products, because no consumer person would want to buy and consume products that were created in such a cruel, unethical and dangerous to both human and animal health – process.

Position paper

Credit: unsplash