Gdansk City Councilor Łukasz Bejm x #FoodSystem

20 maja 2023

Gdansk City Councilor Lukasz Bejm has addressed an interpellation regarding access to plant-based meals in educational institutions. „According to surveys, young people are moving away from the consumption of meat, dairy or eggs. This is related to increased awareness of animal suffering, the impact of consumption of these products on climate catastrophe and loss of biodiversity, as well as human health. A study by the Supreme Chamber of Audit in 20212 showed that the consumption of animal products produced in Poland can have a detrimental effect on health, including that of children and young people. The European Union, in a number of legal acts, as well as strategies, such as the European Green Deal, the Strategy Farm to Fork, and Fit For 55, emphasizes the need to change eating habits and shape the system of sustainable food production in the Community. In view of the above, please answer the following questions: Has the City of Gdansk implemented in the past, is currently implementing or planning to implement solutions to systemically or spot increase the availability of vegan meals in schools, and does the City of Gdansk monitor the demand for plant-based meals among students? We’re talking about the availability of vegan options in cafeterias run by third-party companies on school and kindergarten premises, delivery catering services, as well as outlets run by the institution itself, vending machines and buffets.”

As a reminder, decision-makers across the country are asking at the local government level about access to vegan meals and addressing local food policies. It’s time to #SustainableFoodSystem at the local level.

Photo: unsplash