Green Advocacy Academy – Sylwia Kowalska

26 lutego 2023

The second national meeting of the Green Advocacy Academy will take place on 28 February at 18:00. The project is co-funded by the European Union under Erasmus+. The meeting will be attended by 3 expert speakers representing the scientific and activist sides.

The third speaker will be Sylwia Kowalska, who will talk about „Cooperation and partnership – together for a sustainable food system.”!

Sylwia Kowalska – board member of the Congress of Urban Movements, president of the NO.BA Foundation. Environmentalist, co-founder of Toruń’s Eateries and the Foodsharing Poland Movement, involved in the action „Circus without animals”.

Green Advocacy Academy is a pilot project co-funded by the European Union under the Erasmus+ program. The project is implemented in cooperation with our Finnish partner VISIO and is aimed at young people aged 14-24 from Poland and Finland.
The project will include 7 advocacy workshops for food system transition and agriculture and a trip to Brussels and meetings with decision-makers.

Project objectives:

  • raise and strengthen awareness among young people about the impact of the current food production system on climate, environment, and human rights;
  • create a platform to build competence in advocacy and the importance of civic participation;
  • involve young people in systemic activities;
  • create a platform for the exchange of experiences, ideas, and innovations between young people from Poland and Finland in the field of climate initiatives and civic activism.

Photo: Sylwia Kowalska